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Welcome to my online shop, people of all ages, men women and children, beings near and far, seen and unseen. Come on in and shelter from the elements for a while, the screams, the broken glass, the fumes, strange looks and crowded paths. I like to think of this here as a kind of moving paper fantasy. Whenever I'm on a mission I normally take a bit of paper along, maybe not the most sought after variety, but definitely the best. The kind you see here will take you on a journey, and you wont even break a sweat or get homesick.

Going back some time ago, I crudely made my first silkscreens from bits of old wood and mesh curtains, and slowly developed my style from there. Painting has a special place for me but I wanted as many people as possible to be able to have a piece of the action, I wanted to make images that travel long distances and end up lost or in unexpected places.

So if you too would like a piece of the action, this is the place. Explore at your leisure, follow the steps, and when all is done I'll roll it up and send it your way. All operations here are carried out by myself personally (there are no shady middle men or women taking a cut) so you can rest peacefully at night in the knowledge that you are helping to fund real mischief. Maybe one day I'll tell you all about it.

Peace y'all


PS. For bitcoin payments drop me an email & I'll make it happen.  -   dealings@tomosecurities.com

PPS. Same for enquiries about original artworks, plenty of that & more at.  -  tomosecurities.com

PPPS. If you still haven't had enough feel free to check me out on twitter.  -  @tomosecurities